Librarians Subverting Opportunistic Book Sellers

Opportunity; 193 options available to borrow a free copy of Michelle Serros’ landmark book: Chicana Falsa, and other stories about death, identity and Oxnard. Another 289 options for her follow up How To Be a Chicana Role Model. A quick search through OCLC’s WorldCat shows that Serros’ work can be found on the book shelves of libraries as far away as the University College Cork Library and the National Library Board in Singapore. 4,900 and 8,400 miles away from Oxnard, Fresno, Berkeley…


On the other hand, a peek at Amazon will show you that both texts in question are now available for up to $197.40 and $178.70 (dis)respectively.


In the library world, most of us are familiar with the magical Inter-Library Loan (ILL) process, however, it is possible that some of our friends and extended communities are unaware of how the process works. If you want to find out if any of Michele Serros’ work is available at a library near you follow this link. It is very likely you can borrow a copy for free via your local public or academic library. The ILL process is painless and libraries do it all the time. Some may charge a small fee to cover incidental costs and others will be able to acquire materials free of cost.

OCLC’s WorldCat is an invaluable resource, you can even find the dvd for season of The George Lopez Show that Serros worked on.

In the event that you would like to contribute funds to honor the life and work of Michele Serros, you can visit the  GiveForward campaign that was set up to help with her medical expenses.  


Magical Border Crossings


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